TheGMS makes sure that every article undergo rigorous peer-review so that only high quality articles are published for the use of scientific research communities. TheGMS Open Access publication system provides up-to-date information for the researchers with eye catching formats and error-free editing services.

TheGMS works closely with the authors to listen and understand their needs. TheGMS emphasize quality in every step of publication process and always looks for innovative solutions to fulfill researchers’ information related needs.
An author gets benefited in number of ways by publishing with TheGMS-


TheGMS recognizes the efforts of funding bodies to increase access to the research they fund, and we strongly encourage authors to participate in such efforts. Therefore TheGMS encourages the authors to self-archive the accepted version of their manuscripts in different institutional repositories after 4 months of publication.

No copyright issues

TheGMS does not ask authors to assign the copyright of their papers. The authors only grant a license to TheGMS to publish their work. After publication of the work, the authors are free to reuse their work in future research without any prior permission of TheGMS.

No hidden charges

TheGMS does not ask submission charges, page charges and color charges. Also, no extra charge or surcharge is asked if the revised article is not received as per the scheduled time. TheGMS does not enforce fixed Processing Charges (APC) at the time final publication of article. For the authors who are unable to pay APC, substantial discount is provided upon request.

Rapid publication

GMS operates online submission system which speed up the articles submission and the peer-review process. The initial quality checking for the article is completed within 48 hours of the article submission and confirmation mail is sent to the author. The suggestions from the peer-reviewers are obtained within 10 days of acceptance and sent to the authors for revising the article. The articles can be published within one month of submission if the article is developed according the guidelines and the author revise the article according to the scheduled dates.

Wide readership

All the articles published in TheGMS is available online in Open Access mode which increases the visibility of the papers. TheGMS is committed to reach vast readership base through e-alerts about the upcoming articles and already published articles.

TheGMS also provides latest research news and happenings to the subscribers, providing additional reader interest and widening the community of readers for an author’s work.

Indexing and collaboration

TheGMS and the published articles will be included in major indexing and archiving databases. A unique identification is provided for all the published articles via seamless online linking services such as CrossRef and DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

TheGMS aims to make current research available to a broader community of scientists and practitioners. We incorporate several innovative strategies to extend the reach of the papers as well as to provide information in a timely fashion to researchers.