Frequently Asked Questions


Manuscript submitted to The Gazette of Medical Sciences means that all the listed authors have agreed all the contents and the author names. The corresponding author is responsible for having ensured that all the listed authors have reached the agreement and have approved the manuscript submission to the journal. The corresponding author is accountable for managing all communication between the journal and all co-authors, before and after publication. The corresponding author is also responsible for submitting a cover letter on behalf of all authors of the paper;
Authors should adhere to the following formatting guidelines: 1. Text should be double spaced with a wide margin. 2. All pages and lines are to be numbered. 3. Colour should be distinct when being used as an identifying tool. 4. Commas, not spaces should be used to separate thousands. 5. Statistical methods: For normally distributed data, mean (SD) is the preferred summary statistic. Relative risks should be expressed as odds ratios with 95% confidence interval. 6. Abbreviations: On first using an abbreviation place it in parentheses after the full item.
Please note that Articles must contain the following components. Please see below for further details: • Cover letter • Title page (excluding acknowledgements) • Abstract • Introduction • Materials (or Subjects) and Methods • Results • Discussions • Acknowledgements • Conflict of Interest • References • Figure legends • Tables • Figures
Articles must be prepared with a structured abstract designed to summarize the essential features of the paper in a logical and concise sequence under the following mandatory headings: • Background/Objectives: • Subjects/Methods: • Results: • Conclusions
The Gazette of Medical Sciences aims to slash the publishing costs while enhancing the quality and increasing the satisfaction level of the authors. The Gazette of Medical Sciences consistent effort is to improve the quality and speed of peer review, while reducing the cost to publish. Using the latest technology and a laser-focus on quality, user experience and efficiency, our articles showcase scholarly communication at its finest. We also support the scholars who lack funds but they have a great passion for innovative investigations. We are committed to ensure that authors can publish in Open Access regardless of their economic status. According to the World Bank grouping of countries, the authors from low income countries are considered for partial or complete waiver of Article Processing Charges. All the authors based in the lowest income countries as defined by the World Bank are eligible for APC waivers and discounts. The requests from qualifying authors residing in other countries are also considered for a partial or complete APC waiver. A qualifying author for waiver is one who has completed their research without any external financial support and wishes to publish their findings.
The Gazette of Medical Sciences offers a double blind peer-review option. The peer review process is confidential and conducted anonymously; identities of reviewers and authors are not released. Authors and peer-reviewers remain anonymous to each other throughout the manuscript publication process.