Plagiarism Policy

The Gazette of Medical Sciences describe plagiarism as unacknowledged copying or an attempt to incorrectly indicate the original authorship, whether of ideas, text or results. Plagiarism can be said to have clearly occurred when large portion of text have been cut-and-pasted without appropriate and unambiguous attribution.

The manuscripts found to be plagiarized would not be considered for publication in The Gazette of Medical Sciences.

The authors are suggested to understand and adhere to following aspects related to plagiarism:

  • Due care must be taken to ensure appropriate attribution and citation when verbatim reuse of text, paraphrasing and summarizing the work of others.
  • When an author reuses substantial parts of his or her own published work, appropriate references should be provided. This is applicable for publishing an identical paper in multiple journals or to only adding a small amount of new data to a previously published paper.
  • When discussing the published work of others, authors must properly describe the contribution of the earlier work. Both intellectual contributions and technical developments must be acknowledged as such and appropriately cited.
  • Manuscripts submitted to The Gazette of Medical Sciences must be original and not published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • If certain portion of the manuscript submitted to The Gazette of Medical Sciences has appeared or will appear elsewhere, the author must specify the related details in the covering letter accompanying the manuscript submission.
  • If the results, conclusions or the main outcome of the manuscript is different from the other work or if the other work is published in a language other than English, the manuscript may be considered for publication process by The Gazette of Medical Sciences.