Article Processing Charges and Waiver Policy

The Gazette of Medical Sciences (TheGMS) aims to slash the publishing costs while enhancing the quality and increasing the satisfaction level of the authors.

TheGMS consistent effort is to improve the quality and speed of peer review, while reducing the cost to publish. Using the latest technology and a laser-focus on quality, user experience and efficiency, our articles showcase scholarly communication at its finest.

TheGMS does not enforce fixed article processing charges. The Article Processing Charge for an article is decided after discussing with the authors about their financial constraints (if any) and acceptance.

We also support the scholars who lack funds but they have a great passion for innovative investigations. We are committed to ensure that authors can publish in Open Access regardless of their economic status.

According to the World Bank grouping of countries, the authors from low income countries are considered for partial or complete waiver of Article Processing Charges. All the authors based in the lowest income countries as defined by the World Bank are eligible for APC waivers and discounts. The requests from qualifying authors residing in other countries are also considered for a partial or complete APC waiver. A qualifying author for waiver is one who has completed their research without any external financial support and wishes to publish their findings.